Playing with the beautiful nature of Eastern Hokkaido through various activeties

Lake Kussharo, famous as one of the four major lakes for trout fishing, is great for fishing rainbow trout, white-spotted char and red salmon from springtime when ice begins to melt through to early winter.
Another major attraction is fishing in the Okhotsk Sea that is one hour away by car.
It truly is an experience to catch a codfish, salmon, yellowtail over 80 cm in length, or blowfish and have it for dinner (we have a licensed blowfish cook).
The lofty Mokotoyama Mountain is open for hillwalking all year round including snow-covered winter.
What is recommended between spring and early winter is hiking on the way from Memanbetsu Airport to WAKKANUPURI – this will add some special feeling as you bathe in the open-air bath at the hotel while watching Mokotoyama Mountain that you have summited earlier on the day.

    • Kushiro River Canoeing

    The Kushiro River, one of the most popular canoeing destinations, originates from lake Kussharo and flows into the Pacific Ocean, and is 154 kilometers (96 miles) in length. The canoe tour at the headwaters will heartily attract you in all four seasons.

    Kushiro River Canoeing
    • Canoeing

    You can set sail in a canoe in front of the hotel.
    The tip of the Nibushi Peninsula is the best fishing point in Lake Kussharo where you can anticipate to go for a big red salmon and rainbow trout.

    • Fishing

    You can fish from any shore of Lake Kussharo.
    The hotel’s boat moves around the lake freely for you to enjoy fishing rainbow trout, white-spotted char and red salmon.

    • Horse riding

    You can ride on a horse native to Hokkaido from the stock farm near Lake Kussharo to the lake.
    It is an extraordinary experience to travel on the lakeshore on the back of a horse, which you can enjoy not only in spring or autumn, but also in the midwinter.

    Horse riding
    • Bird & Animal Watching

    You will find wild animals such as Hokkaido sika deers, Ezo red foxes, squirrels, as well as wild birds including whooper swans and black woodpeckers in the neighborhood of the hotel.
    The unexpected encounter with wildlife during the walk in the forest will surely impress you.

    Bird & Animal Watching

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