Relaxation Amenities

Stunning view from the bath that heals your mind, body and soul

Water flowing directly from the hot spring
Feeling life on the earth

Hot spring water at 46 degrees Celsius is flowing abundantly from the source of spring on the hotel property.
It is actually not quite easy to use the water directly from the spring as it is without adding anything – the water has to be not too hot, not too cold.
46 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature at which you can comfortably bathe in the open-air bath even in the midwinter. This indeed is a blessing of the nature.
You may be lucky to see swans elegantly flying over the lake or lovely Hokkaido squirrels from the bath.

  • Open-air bath

    Open the double door and you will have the magnificent view of Lake Kussharo right in front of your eyes.
    Between the late autumn and early spring, you will see whooper swans visiting the lakeside and elegantly flying over the lake as you get relaxed in the bath.
    In summer when a variety of animals run around the hotel, you may catch lovely sight of squirrels and Ezo red foxes from the bath.
    In autumn, the hotel is enveloped in blazing red of autumn foliage, perfecting your gracious time.

    Open-air bath
  • Carefully selected bedding

    The western-style room WAKKA has a Simmons’ Executive Premium Bed and American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper installed, both of which promise you comfortable sleep.
    The Japanese-style room NUPURI is equipped with a human body-friendly mattress that distributes the body pressure. The mattress is installed at high-end hotels and provides you with pleasant sleep.

    Carefully selected bedding
  • Amenities

    Shampoo and hair conditioner are carefully selected to present the best of materials from Hokkaido.
    Toothbrush, comb, razor, cotton swabs/pads, body cloths and shower cap are in a drawstring pouch with a WAKKANUPURI logo.


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