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Genzo Sarashina, the great poet from Teshikaga Town, wrote about Eastern Hokkaido as follows.

Some people say, “The real Hokkaido can be found beyond the border of Karikachi,” and I unequivocally agree.

WAKKANUPURI is located in the Akan National Park.
It stands at the lakefront of Lake Kusharo, which is the largest in Japan as a lake that freezes over completely, and is the second largest as a caldera lake.
Right in front of the hotel is the beautiful Mokotoyama Mountain, and the hotel is surrounded by the forest where you can hear calling by owls.
The hotel boasts its hot spring in the property flowing abundantly at 46 degrees Celsius, which are supplied to the indoor bath and the open-air bath around the clock.
WAKKANUPURI accommodates only one group per day.
While providing you with an extraordinary setting where Hokkaido sika deers and Ezo red foxes wander around in the neighborhood, we would like to feel relaxed as though you are at home.
I hope you will feel completely at ease and enjoy the hot spring and our specialty meals to the fullest in the amazing and beautiful nature of Hokkaido.


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