Rates & Offers

※All prices are tax-inclusive.

For Adults

Price per person [dinner & breakfast included]

Number of persons 2persons 3/4 persons 5/6 persons 7/8 persons
Weekdays & Holidays[Sunday to Friday and public holidays] 39,600 JPY 34,900 JPY 31,300 JPY 29,700 JPY
Prior to holidays[Saturdays and days before public holidays] 42,800 JPY 36,200 JPY 34,200 JPY 31,400 JPY

※These rates apply to Golden Week, Obon, and year-end & new-year period.

For Children

Price per person [diner & breakfast included]

・Children aged three or below can stay for free※Additional price of 3,000 JPY per person will be included in the bill if children aged three or below are having meals for them as well.

Age 13 to 18 Age 4 to 12 Age 3 or below
Weekdays & Holidays[Sunday to Friday and public holidays] 24,000 JPY 19,800 JPY
Prior to holidays[Saturdays and days before public holidays] 26,000 JPY 21,000 JPY
Consecutive stay discount

2,000 JPY discounted per person per night[Discount only for adults]

Room capacity
  • WAKKA [western-style room] … four persons maximum(two Simmons beds, two Comfort Sleepers)
  • NUPURI [Japanese-style room] … four persons maximum(four futon sets)


2つの客室「洋室 WAKKA」と「和室 NUPURI」はそれぞれ大人4名様、最大 大人 計8名様までご宿泊いただくことができます。

Cancellation policy

Cancellation charges are as listed below.

Three weeks
Two weeks
One week
On the previous
On the reserved
Without contact
Pay 50%
room charge
Pay 60%
room charge
Pay 70%
room charge
Pay 80%
room charge
Pay 100%
room charge
Pay 100%
room charge

[ Price example ]

Three adults, two children (one high school student and one elementary school student) staying on a weekday:

  • ・Adults(34,900 JPY)✕3 persons……104,700 JPY
  • ・High school student(24,000 JPY)✕1 persons……24,000 JPY
  • ・Elementary school student(19,800 JPY)✕1 persons……19,800 JPY

Total148,500 JPY

Recommended offers

Here is an array of offers to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Morning coffee class

    Morning coffee class

    Class to devote your full attention to the morning coffee.
    You will roast coffee beans at the open hearth and then make coffee by manual drip.
    You will love the luxurious morning.

    1,500 JPY per person (tax inclusive)
  • Breakfast on cruise boat

    Breakfast on cruise boat

    ※The cruise boat may not sail out due to weather or other reasons.

    Welcome on board for breakfast on Lake Kussharo in the refreshing morning air.

    6,000 JPY per person (tax inclusive)
    Minimum number of passengers: two
    Opening season dates:
    June to October
    Reservation required.
  • Anniversary offer

    Anniversary offer

    We are happy to assist you in celebrating birthday or anniversary with a whole cake served as a surprise.

    • For two persons (12cm) : 2,500 JPY (tax inclusive)
    • For four persons (15cm) : 3,200 JPY (tax inclusive)

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